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JB Planning Associates is an independent firm of chartered town planning consultants, providing expert advice to individuals and businesses on matters connected with planning, property, land and development.

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The Practice was founded in 2003 by John Boyd, following a career in town planning that had included Local Government, planning consultancy, and the house building industry.

The Practice advises a wide range of clients, including major housebuilding and development companies, public sector organisations (including Local Government, and the South East England Development Agency), businesses, and individual land and property owners.

We undertake a wide variety of project work, including promotion of strategic development opportunities at the regional level, promotion of land allocations through Local Development Frameworks, planning applications and appeals, and householder developments.

The Practice is based in Hertfordshire, but we work throughout the UK, and the map (left) shows examples of some of our projects.

We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of client care and high quality professional advice. We have established our client base and portfolio of projects through personal referrals, recommendation, and repeat business, and we therefore recognise the importance of continuing to provide value for money, dedicated service, and results to our clients.

To discuss your requirements in more detail, feel free to contact:

John Boyd

Paul Atton
Senior Associate

Telephone 01438 312130

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